Best Air cooler Price 3000 to 5000 (Cooler Under 5000)

1. Hindware – Our Rating: 4.9

Hindware Smart Appliances Cruzo 25L Personal Air Cooler in Summer with exclusive Insect and Dust...
  • HIGH AIR DELIVERY: Peak Air delivery of 2000 m³/hr provides cooling in every corner of the room
  • HIGH COOLING: Honeycomb pads in this plastic body air cooler provides better cooling
  • WATER LEVEL INDICATOR: It helps identify when to refill the water tank
  • INVERTER COMPATIBILITY: This Personal Air Cooler is best suited for uninterrupted cooling during power cuts as it is compatible with inverter
  • DURABILITY: Its plastic body makes it more durable

2. SKYTONE – Our Rating: 4.8

SKYTONE 15L Air Cooler for Home | High Speed Blower, Ice Chamber | Inverter Compatible Air Cooler...
  • COOL RELIEF : This compact air cooler provides efficient cooling for small rooms up to 350 sq ft with a 60W low energy consumption.
  • EASY TO USE : Ergonomically Designed Knobs Make It Easy to Operate the Cooler While Adding to Its Modern and Elegant Appearance
  • SPEED : RPM : This SKYTONE Air Cooler blower fan RPM is 1380 and the High-Speed Blower Provides Cool Air Instantly So Now Enjoy Your Summers Comfortably
  • LARGE WATER TANK : 5L water tank allows for portable cooling and easy refilling, providing up to 8 hours of continuous operation.
  • TURBO FAN TECHNOLOGY : Fan-based cooling experience for better air circulation.

3. Havells – Our Rating: 4.8

Havells Fresco-i 32L Personal Air Cooler for home | Powerful Air Delivery | High Density Honeycomb...
  • Air Delivery of 1500 m3/hr
  • Electronic Panel with Remote
  • Temperature Display (At Grill)
  • Auto Drain
  • Humidity Control

4. Crompton – Our Rating: 4.7

Crompton Ginie Neo Table-Top Personal Air Cooler- 10L; with 4-Way Air Deflection and High Density...
  • Product: Crompton Ginie Neo Table-Top Personal Air Coolerwith water tank capacity (upto brim) of 10 L; Suitable for 80 sq. ft. room size
  • Cooling Performance: Blower with Air Delivery of 650 m3/hr; Ice Chamber is available; Cooling Medium is High Density Honeycomb pad that to provides superior & prolonged cooling for hours.
  • 4-way air deflection allowing you to adjust air stream direction according to your convenience.
  • Crompton coolers requires only 130 watts and can be run on inverter power. Dimensions of coolers: 285 X 265 X 515 mm
  • Motor With Overload Protector: The air cooler comes with an overload protector that ensures durability & longer motor life.

5. Hindware – Our Rating: 4.7

Hindware Snowcrest CM-181201HPP Room|Personal 12L Air Cooler (Premium Purple), Medium
  • Air Delivery- 65 m3/hr
  • 2. Amp USB port for High Speed Charging
  • 3 Speed Control Manual Control
  • Motorized Vertical Louver Movement for even air distribution
  • Inverter Compatibility: Stay cool even without electricity. This cooler can easily run on invertor when there is an electricity cut.

6. TIAMO – Our Rating: 4.8

Tiamo Fizz 10 Liter Personal Air Cooler With 3 Speed Fan Control, Insta-Cool Technology, Auto Swing...
  • Coverage Area: This high-performance portable personal cooler is suitable for rooms up to 150 square feet of the area under ideal conditions
  • Low Power Consumption: This cooler is an affordable way to stay cool as it uses only 130 watts (approximately) and can be operated on inverters. So drop your worries about bills or power cuts
  • Tank Capacity: When it comes to water capacity, this air cooler has a 10 liter tank with a water level indicator that lets you know when it needs to be refilled
  • Powerful Blower: The specially designed fan produces high speed and uniform airflow that instantly reduces the room’s temperature and keeps you cool
  • Easy-to-Use: Ergonomically designed dial knob controls offer convenient usability while adding to its modern and elegant appearance

7. SIMRON – Our Rating: 4.7

SANDDY 1010 Room Cooler with 12 Liter, Air Cooler for Room Cooling with Honeycomb Cooling Pads...
  • POWERFUL COOLING: With a 12-liter water tank capacity and multiple speed settings, the SANDDY 1010 Air Cooler from SIMRON provides effective cooling for medium sized rooms up to 110 sq.ft.
  • WHISPER QUIET OPERATION: Equipped with a double water curtain and patented honeycomb cooling pads, it cools the air efficiently with minimal noise levels even on high speed setting.
  • ALLERGEN AND DUST FILTER: The premium quality allergen and dust filter traps pollen, dust and other allergens for cleaner, healthier indoor air.
  • EASY TO USE CONTROLS: The control panel with LED display and simple knob settings allow adjusting the speed and oscillation as per your comfort needs.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: With a compact tower design, the SANDDY 1010 is portable and can be easily moved from one room to another as required.

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