How to choose an inverter for a home in India?

The power supply got worsened day by day. The city is okay but the town and rural areas are often affected by electricity problems. An average of 2 – 3 hours of power cuts happen daily. So, how to solve this problem? Inverter is the best solution to use electricity even in power cut times. Here we are going to see how to choose an inverter for Home in India.

However, there are many solutions to these issues. But most people prefer to go with the inverter system. But you might surround by many questions. How to choose an inverter for your home in India? How will you decide on the perfect inverter that suits your home? Here you can follow the article and prepare the checklist. It will surely help you to land the perfect inverter for your home.

When you sit to prepare the checklist, blank your mind from all market skims. Firstly you need to understand the facts. Hence, selecting the right inverter gets much more important. But even more important proves to get an effective solution for your problem. Let’s dive into the content.

Inverter buying guide for India 

There are many alternative options for the power supply. Some of it comes as below:

  1. Inverter
  2. DG sets
  3. Solar power

You can substitute your thoughts to buy any of these. Here you can understand the inverter in detail.

First, understand your power requirement.

Before landing on the inverter, you need to check out your requirements. It will make you solve your power issue using an inverter.

Total load that you want to run on backup

It’s important to choose the right size of inverter for getting power backups. How will measure the size of the inverter? Its made based on VA value. How will you know it? Check out the voltage needs of every appliance that you choose to run with an inverter. Make the total of it and convert the value into VA.

The total number of hours for which one needs backup,

It’s important to decide the time for which you need to back up. Based on this, the size of the battery gets decided.

You can know some of the value of the appliance from this article. It will help you to calculate the voltage you require for your house.

  • Ceiling fan= 75W
  • Tubelight= 40 W
  • LED bulb= 9W
  • Refrigerator= 500 W
  • Washing machine= 1000W
  • Water heater=2100W
  • Laptop=100W
  • Desktop site=200W
  • LED TV= 100W

Moreover, you should also know the average running for the inverter. Mind well that it should not increase from 50-70%.

Guys, it would help if you also decided the VA value based on the room you want the supply. Suppose you need for one-bedroom then divide the VA value with 0.8. if you need a backup for two rooms, then divide it with 0.4. Carry it further if the number of rooms increases.

The capacity of the inverter

You now know that capacity of the inverter gets decided based on the VA value. Generally, inverter for home ranges 600 VA-1200 VA.

How to choose an inverter for a home in India based on VA value? Friends divide the peak load with the power factor. The measures will automatically get converted into VA capacity.

In a general sense, the inverter with 800VA will suit almost all types of homes.

Battery capacity

How does the inverter supply you with backup? It’s with the help of the battery. Hence, it’s important to select the battery with the right capacity. The battery will determine the efficiency and durability of running the inverter. You can denote the capacity of the battery with the Ah value.

What battery capacity will your home inverter require? Again it depends upon your necessity. Isn’t it? Moreover, the inverter can run on 100Ah, 150Ah, and maximum up to 180 Ah. But nowadays inverter with more battery capacity seems available in the market.

Which battery capacity will you need? In general, around 150Ah to 180 Ah will suit your home. But yes, don’t decide on average sense. Sit to calculate your needs and then purchase the product. Only then will you be able to satisfy your requirements?

Battery selection

There are several options available for battery usage. It includes lead-acid, flat plate, etc.; if you have all options, select the tubular battery. It’s proven most safe for domestic usage in India.

Tubular batteries can deliver power with the highest efficiency. Also, you will be glad to know that it can store the highest amount of power.

The output of the inverter

There are varieties of output waves coming from the inverter. It includes the pure sine wave, quasi wave, square wave, and more.

How to choose an inverter for a home in India with the best output? You need to select the pure sine wave. Why? It’s proven effective for the appliances like washing machines, TV, mixer, grinder, etc.

Are you willing to run the lights and fans during the power cutoff? If yes, then choose the inverter giving the square wave.

Best inverter brands that you can purchase 

Now you might have clear basic facts to consider while choosing an inverter for your home. Here are some of the inverter lists. You can check it out as mentioned below:

Where to buy the inverter online for home? 

You will surely find the highly branded inverter on online platforms. One can also check out to suitable battery for your inverter. You can buy the inverter from any e-commerce shopping website running in India. It is recommended you check the product on the manufacturer’s site. After this, you can select the perfect one.


How to choose an inverter for your home in India? Hope you got the answer from this article. Also, you now don’t need to worry about having power backups. A suitable inverter that you choose with the help of this article will handle the situation. Isn’t it?

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