Top 5 Benefits Of Coconut Oil On Skin

Coconut oil is also known as a magical elixir as it renders abundant benefits in the kitchen and on the human body. From hair care to skincare, there are numerous benefits of coconut oil and it delivers impeccably well every single time.

There is no skin condition that coconut oil cannot treat, including itching, eczema, irritation, pimples, injuries, and stings. Medieval Ayurvedic manuscripts also mention the excellent antibacterial, emollient, and wound-healing qualities of this herbal remedy.

But what’s the hype all about? Is coconut oil safe for skin application? We understand and know most of you have apprehensions and queries regarding the use of coconut oil for your skin. This blog is here to address those concerns by telling you the benefits of coconut oil on the skin. Let’s go through it!

5 Benefits Of Coconut Oil On the Skin

1. It defends the skin from damage causing microorganisms:

Coconut oil consists of fatty acids, namely capric acid and lauric acid that are known for keeping skin healthy owing to their antimicrobial properties that kill harmful, damage-causing microorganisms that grow on the skin. Coconut oil can help ease and reduce the effects of common skin infections such as folliculitis, cellulitis, and acne caused by fungi and bacteria.

2. It is highly moisturizing:

Coconut oil is famous for being a highly effective moisturizer and is often used during winter to ease dry and cracked skin. Since coconut oil reinforces the skin’s natural defensive barrier, the skin retains moisture in addition to which coconut oil hydrates the skin as well. Moreover, since coconut oil classifies as an emollient, it helps soften the skin and make it supple.

3. It helps treat acne:

Enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil has the ability to treat acne in its inflammatory stages. Moreover, capric acid and lauric acid present in coconut oil have been shown to kill acne-causing bacteria. Additionally, antioxidants present in coconut oil help combat free radicals which attach themselves to our skin and are inflammatory in nature.

4. It supports healing and provides an even skin tone:

A storehouse of benefits, coconut oil has the ability to boost the level of collagen and antioxidants in our body which are essential for the natural process of regeneration and repair of our skin. Additionally, coconut oil is known to help reduce dark spots, fix uneven skin tone and soothe redness on the skin. Hence, it serves the dual purpose of healing acne and helping acne scars disappear.

5. It helps reduce the signs of ageing on the skin:

Coconut oil induces natural collagen production in the skin and helps improve the elasticity of the skin. This in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making skin look more firm with reduced signs of ageing.

Coconut has emollient properties that repair the skin’s barrier function which is the outermost layer of skin defending your body against environmental pollutants. It is extremely useful for those having sensitive or dry skin.

In addition to being super hydrating, coconut oil when used on skin, has the ability to act as a protective layer that locks in moisture. Coconut oil prevents transepidermal loss; which is the phenomenon where water passes through the skin and evaporates into the air.

Having read the benefits, you might have certain doubts and we are here to address the same:


Frequently asked questions:

What does coconut oil do for the skin?

Coconut oil has numerous benefits for the skin but its primary benefits include moisturizing skin with antioxidants present in natural form. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that soothe acne and inflammation. Moreover, mixing coconut oil with other ingredients makes amazing products for the skin right from massage oils to exfoliants.

Does coconut oil make skin lighter?

Coconut oil can help even out your skin tone when used consistently. However, coconut oil does not claim to alter your skin colour or lighten it extensively.

How to use coconut oil for the skin?

Simply take a small amount of coconut oil in your hands and rub it between your palms. Spread it all over your face and hands and legs if in excess quantity. Let it absorb for a few moments, post which you can wipe it off with a warm wet cloth.

Coconut oil can also be used on a cotton pad to remove makeup, as it is a natural makeup remover that doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils.

Rounding Up:

Ideal for cooking and ideal for the skin; coconut oil is nature’s multipurpose wonder. Right from soothing the skin, being a natural makeup remover, to protecting the skin and treating bacterial acne, coconut oil renders multiple benefits for the skin. And you must definitely experience them!

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