Broom vs Vacuum Cleaner: Which is right for you?


Some people prefer a broom to clean the floor of their house and others will go for a vacuum cleaner. Whatever your preference may be, you should know that both of them are effective in cleaning your floor and other surfaces fantastically well.

broom vs vacuum cleaner

Even though this is the case, a broom and a vacuum cleaner have different characteristics and features that make the cleaning process of your home a lot simpler.

In order to help you choose a cleaning tool that suits your needs, we have put together this guide that talks about the similarities and differences between a broom and a vacuum cleaner, when to use a broom and when to use a vacuum cleaner, and more.

Let’s get started!

Similarities and differences between a broom and a vacuum cleaner

There is no doubt that both brooms and a vacuum cleaner have their own similarities and differences. You can say that the major similarity would be both are good cleaning equipment.

Apart from that, you wouldn’t find any similarities.

And when we look at the differences, a vacuum cleaner is the best tool for cleaning your floor without you putting a lot of energy into the work. On the other hand, a broom’s main concern is to sweep the floor clean.

The machine of vacuum cleaner observes all kinds of dust and trash through either pushing or pulling action. A broom removes dirt around a certain area by sweeping it.

There are various types of vacuum cleaners available in the market and based on your cleaning requirements, you’ll be able to select. And although there are several types of brooms you can find in the market, they will have only one purpose and that is sweeping the floor.

When do you need to use a broom?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the main purpose of using a broom is to sweep the floor clean. It allows you to move all the dirt around a certain area until you dispose of it.

The one thing that’s great about this traditional cleaning equipment is that it won’t limit you from effectively removing all kinds of dust and dirt. When you continue to use the broom, you will realize that you can also gather other small debris and dispose of the same in the dustbin.

You can pull all the dust into a pile by sweeping your floor before disposing of them in a clean manner. Large and wide brooms are the ideal ones to clean the tiled floors, and small and thin brooms are ideal to be used in an indoor setting. Different types of brooms serve different purposes and they are handy in getting rid of dust, dirt, and small debris from all corners of your home.

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When do you need to use a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are a great tool to clean your floor without you having to exert a lot of energy into the cleaning process. It cleans out all kinds of dust, dirt, and debris using the sucking motion.

This method is very effective in cleaning your floor as opposed to using a pulling or pushing motion.

Although there are so many feature differences with various vacuum cleaners that are available in the market, a majority of models require electricity to function.

Every vacuum cleaner in the market will work by sucking up dirt into a disposable bag or in a non-disposable container. As a result of that, you don’t have to gather the dust and debris manually into your dustbin.

It also reduces the time you take to clean your floor to a bare minimum. You just need to empty the container of your vacuum cleaner into your dustbin after each cleaning session.

Another thing you need to note with using a vacuum cleaner is that you need to wash the dust container regularly to increase the lifespan of the machine to a considerable amount.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your cleaning needs. You should decide whether you want to go with a broom or a vacuum cleaner to clean your floor.

If you want to speed up your cleaning process and at the same time, clean accurately, then you can go for a vacuum cleaner. Likewise, if you like a traditional cleaning tool, then a quality broom is your best friend.


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