Gas Stove Vs Induction Cooktop

When updating your kitchen, or purchasing new hardware – you need to compare the advantages, and disadvantages of Gas Stoves Vs Induction tops. You need to work out the differences between both and figure out the sort of hardware, type, and model you’ll need. If you are serious about updating your kitchen, then you need to do your research.

First, figure out the sort of kitchen accessories, you will require, and keep in mind, you are planning to upscale your kitchen. It should not be seen as an attempt to retain the old status quo in the kitchen. So work out the pros, and cons of Gas Stove Vs Induction Top.

Gas stove Vs Induction top:

When selecting the perfect stove, you, like most others, are often confused as to what you require. On one end, you have the old, staid, and familiar gas stove. The gas stove vs Induction top is an asinine argument since both have their strong points.

Looking at a gas stove, most of the public pan India is quite familiar with the model, type, and even on “how to use it safely”. Let’s review it closely, and look at some of the critical differences between both.

Key differences between Gas Stoves and Induction tops:

When reviewing the critical differences, you just need to check out the key main points listed below,

  • The first one is one of the pivotal differences between the two modes of cooking. Gas cooktops utilize flame to heat the food. Whereas Induction cooktops, tend to use electromagnetic coils to heat the food.
  • Regarding cookware, you would be surprised to learn that Induction cooktops require conducive cookware. Whereas, Gas stoves do not require any specialized cookware. You should be able to heat the food in any metal-based cookware, irrespective of whether it is conductive or non-conductive.
  • You are liable to find out that a Gas Stovetop is extremely precise, It allows you to adjust the amount of Gas used for the purpose. You can adjust the flame, lower it and even turn it off instantly. Whereas with Induction tops, it is a little trickier. It takes a while for the residual heat on the Induction top to die down. So you need to take care when cooking with an Induction top.

Physical appearances:

Induction top:

The physical appearance of the Gas Stove Vs Induction top could not be starker. With an Induction top, you are bound to get a glass top or a smooth top surface. The one good advantage of an induction top is its sleek and modern look.

There are Induction cooktop models that come with a ceramic layer on the top, with clearly defined circles, indicating where to place the cookware. Keep in mind the stove is an Induction stove top and not an electric one. So do not expect the circles to turn red.

Gas cooktop:

Since the first gas cooktop was invented during the 1830s, one should expect an industrial appearance, as far as looks go. The model has not changed much since its inception in 1836. Except for a few additional changes, the Gas Stove did not have too many modifications, especially when you consider its overall appearance.

Gas cooktops tend to be sturdier and bulkier. As it is, they should be able to support cookware of most weights with ease. The stove itself is made from stainless steel with overlapping layers of aluminum. It gives it a nice look and a shiny appearance.

The burner grates:

Contemplating a gas stove, you are bound to find the ‘whole look’ sturdy, strong, and antique. Take the burner grates; these are elevated right over the stove in the front. They are built to lift and balance heavyweight, as they cook these over the flaming stove, at the top.

The induction cooktop often has that slender silhouette. As such, you cannot balance more than a certain weight on top of an induction cooker. Induction cookers will not have burner grates, as such, you will be required to place your cookware over the top, right over where it is indicated. Once you do, you can turn on the induction cooker and then, cook,

Maintenance and care:

One of the drawbacks of a Gas Stove and Induction top comparison would be the maintenance and care section. If you are working out the finer details of both, you need to check out this section.

Gas stove:

As mentioned earlier, a gas stove tends to be sturdier and bulkier. This is mainly because these stoves come with an open grate at the top, for cooking the food items.

So when purchasing a gas stove, you may want to invest money on purchasing a grease-resistant grate top. Since you use the burner grate, it is natural for both the fire grate and the metal body on top to form a film of grease stain.

So investing in a higher quality metal, one that’s easy to clean and happens to be grease – resistant makes more sense in the long run,

Induction top:

One of the quirky advantages of owning an Induction cooktop happens to be how easy they are to clean. That’s a fact. Thanks to their sleek appearance, grease films rarely form on the top. Moreover, all Induction cooktops are rust and corrosion-resistant. So that’s another added plus.

That’s why Induction cooktops are so darn easy to clean without the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Here’s a free tip – most Induction cooktops can be cleaned with just a spot of vinegar and baking soda solution. If you are not a big fan of the do-it-yourself cleaning solutions, you can always purchase an induction cooktop cleaning solution and squit it away, after every meal right at the top of the cooker.


Now, that’s a valid question every homemaker would think hard on – as to which is more expensive, the gas stove or the induction cooktop? You would be pleasantly surprised at the answer and in fact, most of the public would be as well. To know the reality, read on,

Gas Stove:

With the average Indian householder, you can bet that the cost of a gas stove would figure big when making purchases. That’s why most householders opt to purchase essential household items, such as Gas Stove, Fridge, and TV during festival holidays, to take advantage of a sales spree or special discounts.

Gas stoves in general cost between 1500 INR to 4400 INR. It depends on the model and the make. For example, if you opt to purchase a Gas Stove from one of the top branded companies, chances are you would end up paying the top rate. Then, there is the question of accessories.

With a Gas Stove, you would have to work out how many burners you need on the top. Some prefer two, and others, about four. But restaurants and other establishments may require six to put up with the food that needs to be cooked in a rush. So when working out the cost of your Gas Stove, the total burners you require will impact the overall rate.

Keep in mind that the overall cost per unit will be less. But a Gas Stove radiates heat. So when using it, the ambient temperature in your kitchen is bound to shoot up. This, in turn, will amp your cooling costs over your entire house/ apartment.

Moreover, these stoves are less energy efficient than Induction cooktops. So that’s something else you may want to consider when purchasing one.

Induction Cooktop:

On average, an Induction cooktop can cost anywhere from 3000 INR to 5900 INR. Yup, compared to the ordinary Gas Stove, an Induction cooktop sounds a good deal expensive. But on the plus side, it does have some great talking points. Let’s take a closer look at some of them, shall we?

For starters, an Induction cooktop comes with a neat, sleek, appearance. If you have seen the movie, “The Space Odyssey, 2001” or read the book by Arthur C Clarke, then you will know that an induction cooker kind of resembles the monolith. That’s no accident. The Induction cooker was developed as a signature statement. An ode to the book/ movie but as far as its looks are concerned, think “Futuristic”.

While Induction ranges are generally more expensive than others, the fact that they are the most heat-efficient ones available today is in itself telling. With an Induction cooker, almost all the heat is transferred to the cookware and less is radiated outside. Unlike a Gas Stove, you will not have to deal with a hot kitchen, as a result of cooking with an Induction cooktop.

Moreover, they are fairly easy to clean, and maintenance is a breeze. And when you consider all these points together, you can see why they all make a good point.

The resale value:

With an Induction top vs Gas Stove, you must realize that the item in question comes with a certain resale value, For example, having an Induction top at your home, could well help boost the retail value of your home. And of course, the Induction cooker, given its high cost, can be easily resold.

Similarly, the Gas Stove does not cost much to purchase. At the same time, it comes with some resale value. Most homeowners are aware of the importance of a Gas Stove in their home. So you can always opt to resell your Gas Stove at a decent rate.

With the Gas Stove vs Induction Cooktop, just how efficient are they?

Now, that is a question several homeowners are bound to ask themselves, as they find themselves on the verge of a purchase. Think about it for a moment,

You are about to invest your hard-earned money, right to the point of purchasing hardware for your kitchen. Naturally, you would want to know whether it is efficient when it comes to cooking, as to how efficient it is, and whether it is worth investing all that cash in.

Gas Stove:

To sum it up in simple terms, they are both equally efficient. The Gas Stove is one of the few efficient stoves that allow you to control the flame, and thereby the heat, directly. For example, you can turn the value to cut down the heat, adjust the cooking temperature and even turn it off completely.

Let’s say, you are about to boil milk, you will find the Gas Stove to be ultra-efficient since you can use it to turn off the stove completely, just as the milk is about to boil.

Induction Cooktop:

As mentioned earlier, the Induction Cooktop utilizes electromagnetism to heat the food. And that’s why some of the hardware used is very specific – such as the fact you need conductive metals to cook on,

The great thing about cooking on Induction Cooktop is the fact it happens to be quite efficient. No heat is distributed to the rest of the room. Rather, it is retained within the vessel, and thereby any excess heat is contained within the metal container itself. It is very easy to cook with Induction Cooktop. On the flip side, it can take a while to get the hang of it but with practice, you should be able to cook your entire dinner a la carte without a hassle.

The other advantage to cooking with Induction Cooktop is that it happens to be quite precise. If a supposed item takes only so many minutes to cook with an Induction cooktop, then that’s how long it will take, No more than that.

Induction Vs Gas, which is right for you?

When it comes to Induction Vs Gas Stove ones, the way they work to the way they appear can be quite different. For example, an Induction Cooktop uses electromagnetism to create an electric current to heat the food particles in the conductive metals. It is not that hard and once you get the hang of it, you can see why some prefer Induction Cooktops to anything else in the market.

And of course, some prefer the regular Gas Stove. It is what they have had in their homes while growing up. And it is something that they are more used to and the model, and the way it works, is all too familiar. They find it easier to cook on one in the long run. Moreover, Gas ranges are quite affordable and come in several makes, types, and models.

Bottom line:

Now, you know the differences between a gas range and an Induction Cooktop. Apart from the way they look, their physical appearance, and the overall cost, you need to figure out which suits you better.

Sure, you have the household budget to consider and then, there are the investments you need to make. You need to work out which suits you better, not just for the next one month. But rather, work out as to which suits you in the long term, be it a Gas Stove or an Induction Cooktop, Good luck!

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