What Is A Convection Microwave Oven?

Microwave ovens are kitchen essentials. They speed up the cooking time, help make extensive recipes with flair, and are ideal for reheating food as well. Right from baking, and broiling, to roasting and heating pre-packaged meals, a microwave oven makes everything quick and convenient for you.

What Is A Convection Microwave Oven

While there are a variety of microwave ovens in the market, this blog is all about the convection microwave oven. Let’s check out the essentials about convection microwave ovens before you buy one!

Briefing Convection Microwave Oven

A convection microwave oven is a combination of the best of two kitchen appliances; the convection oven and the microwave. It allows you to roast, bake and heat food in addition to which their small size and versatility make them a smart choice for the kitchen. They can easily fit into RVs as well and accompany your food preferences if you’re on the road.

What Is The Difference Between A Traditional Microwave Oven And Convection Microwave Oven?

The difference between convection and traditional microwaves lies in their heating elements. While traditional microwaves cook food using electromagnetic waves, a convection microwave uses an additional heating element and fan to evenly circulate heat throughout the appliance.

Owing to this oven-like heating element present in the convection microwave oven, you can carry out broiling to roasting in the convection microwave. As for the traditional microwave, its functions with food are limited.

We know a convection microwave oven is the epitome of convenience.

How Does A Convection Microwave Oven Function?

A convection microwave oven consists of two modes; the standard mode and the convection mode. The standard mode is used when heating or cooking food while the convection mood transforms the microwave into a convection oven which uses a heating element and a fan. This evenly distributes heat throughout the microwave and also gives you a cooking technique that isn’t present in traditional microwaves such as roasting, broiling, and baking.

You can easily alternate between the two modes to cook faster and tastier!

So, you must be pondering if convection microwave ovens have any benefits.

What Are The Benefits That A Convection Microwave Oven Offers?

Owing to their versatile functions, convection microwave ovens bring ample of benefits to your kitchen:

  • Save time on extensive preparations with the combination of microwave and convection cooking.
  • Spacious enough with racks to allow multiple dishes at once.
  • The joy of even cooking is due to the convection function.

In addition to these, a convection microwave oven reduces the kitchen’s appliance footprint by combining the power of an oven and microwave into one.

Meaning, benefits, and functions; you are now equipped with the basics of a convection microwave oven. But one must wonder,

Which Tasks Can A Convection Microwave Perform?

  • Cooking For Shorter Time Periods And Reheating: Simply use the microwave setting for reheating or cooking for shorter periods of time which includes steaming vegetables, heating leftovers, making popcorn, and prepackaged meals as well.
  • Cooking For Longer Periods Of Time: You can use the convection setting when cooking items that require longer time periods such as roasted veggies and meat, baked food, bacon, pizza, and other snack like preparations that require to be crispy and brown.
  • Quick Fixes: The combination setting of a convection microwave oven is a time saver as you can cook items quickly and still achieve optimal taste. Just keep a check on the food to avoid burning or overcooking.

While the basic functions of convection microwaves remain similar, it is important to begin by following the guidelines mentioned in the booklet which comprises specifications according to your convection microwave model.  Moreover, you can also use the convection microwave’s round convection rack and bake-ware to allow proper air circulation which is essential to avoid short circuits and burning of food.

Additionally, make sure to use metal items only in the convection setting and never during the combination or microwave settings.

We’ve encompassed pretty much all the basics one needs to know about a convection microwave oven, and we shall conclude the blog with the most important question;

Who Should Consider Buying A Convection Microwave Oven?

The world of microwave ovens can be quite confusing given you have so many options in front of you. So, who should consider investing in a convection microwave oven? People with small kitchens might enjoy the versatility and space-saving features of a convection microwave oven. Moreover, they also render speed and convenience. So for people seeking convenience, being able to bake, heat, cook, and reheat food without taking up too much space, a convection microwave oven is the perfect equipment to add to your kitchen.

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