What Is A Solo Microwave Oven?

The smell of freshly baked buns and cakes right out of a microwave oven hits differently. It brings back nostalgic memories of the very first time you tasted baked goods or tried your hand at making them.

What Is A Solo Microwave Oven

Over the passage of time microwave ovens have witnessed a revolution in type and features. Be it a grill microwave oven, convection oven, or solo microwave oven. Before we get into the specifics, it is important to know that every microwave model is an upgrade which means they have different features making them versatile and price-efficient.

While a grill microwave oven and convection microwave oven are self-explanatory, one must wonder what is a solo microwave oven. Well, before your mind ponders, we have a blog for you on the same.

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Solo Microwave Oven: An Overview

A solo microwave oven is a primary type of oven, something you can call basic. It is designed only to perform simple cooking tasks like defrosting and heating food items. And as a classic case of microwave, solo microwave ovens function on electromagnetic radiation to heat food.

Since it is basic, solo microwave ovens have a limited set of features such as a timer, defrost settings, and power control. However, some solo microwave ovens come with a grill function, and their power output ranges between 600 to 800 Watts. Scientifically speaking, these microwave ovens cook food by exciting the water molecules in food by creating heat through the use of microwaves created via a magnetron.

Now we come to the next question;

What Functions Can A Solo Microwave Oven Perform?

Owing to their limited set of functions and features, solo microwave ovens can primarily perform simple tasks of heating and defrosting. However they pretty much:

  • Heat Food: Made to perform this function efficiently well, if you have a compact kitchen with basic needs for a microwave, a solo microwave oven is your best bet. It can be used to heat up food that might’ve been ordered, leftovers, frozen food, as well as ready-to-make pre-packaged foods.
  • Defrost Food: In this fast-paced world where everyone is on the run, frozen fruits, veggies, and meat come to our rescue! And so does a solo microwave oven as it efficiently defrosts such frozen food.
  • Basic Cooking: While you can’t cook elaborate meals in a solo microwave oven, you can perform simple functions of making soup, steaming veggies, or making popcorn.
  • Reheat Food: Pre-cooked a dish and it’ll get cold by the time your guests arrive. Well, if you have a solo microwave oven you’ve got nothing to worry about. These ovens reheat food and can be used to make tea and coffee as well. You can also use a solo microwave oven to boil water, dry herbs for elaborate meals, and soften frozen butter.

Advantages Of A Solo Microwave Oven

A solo microwave oven has numerous benefits which make it the ideal choice for many homeowners:

  • Affordability: One of the primary virtues of a solo microwave oven is that they are less expensive compared to other types of microwave oven which makes them an efficient choice if you are on a budget.
  • Size Efficient: Solo microwave ovens are smaller in size, lightweight and compact. This makes them an ideal fit for kitchens with less space.
  • Easy To Use: It would be a kitchen disaster not knowing how to efficiently operate a solo microwave oven. However, they are really easy to use and simple to understand. Because they don’t have multiple features, they are easier to operate and least complex to learn about.
  • Easy To Maintain: High-end fancy microwave ovens require additional maintenance. Solo microwave ovens on the other hand are low maintenance and very sturdy. And since they don’t have an extensive feature set, they last long.
  • Low Power Consumption: Solo microwave ovens are energy efficient as they don’t consume too much electricity. Hence, the running cost of a solo microwave oven won’t cause your electricity bill to surge.

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Why Invest In A Solo Microwave Oven?

Primarily, a solo microwave oven is one of the best alternatives to conventional microwave ovens. Their use is limited to basic cooking, heating, and defrosting functions which makes them easy to use. Moreover, it is ideal for people wanting to complete their kitchen on a budget without going out of their way, and it is ideal for small families and single homeowners too.


A solo microwave oven is a good option for first-time microwave oven users. It is a steal deal owing to its affordability and easy maintenance. So, if you’re someone who needs a microwave oven only to save time on the basics of cooking, a solo microwave oven is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

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