6 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying A Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are the new-age epitome of convenience kitchen appliances. Most kitchens can’t seem to do without having a microwave oven as it is the jack of all trades and master of all rights from reheating food to baking.

6 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying A Microwave Oven

A forerunner of an efficient culinary environment, a microwave oven is one of the best investments for your kitchen to make cooking more convenient and less time-consuming. Looking to buy a brand-new microwave oven? We’ve done quite the research to give you an analysis of six things to keep in mind while buying a microwave oven:

6 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying A Microwave Oven

Consider the size of your kitchen:

When it’s about placing appliances in the kitchen, size does matter! As a matter of fact, gone are the days when microwave ovens were hefty and occupied half the kitchen countertop. Present-day microwave ovens are compact as compared to the traditional ones and this range from 0.5 feet models to 1.5 feet microwave oven models.

Take note of the power capacity:

Always remember; the higher the wattage,  the more the microwave will function, especially if you want to make more than just popcorn or soft potatoes in it. You will require a mid to full-size microwave wherein regularly preparing full meals will require you to consider a large model with a higher power. Full-size microwave ovens come with about 1000-1600 watts of power while mid-size ovens come with 800-1000 watts of power.

Weigh your options:

Another important factor to keep in mind when buying a microwave oven is to weigh your options properly as you might get different deals across online and offline platforms. Also consider the capacity which is measured in liters, suggesting how much quantity of food can be cooked in a single go. Take into consideration how many people you are going to cook for on a regular basis and choose from your shortlisted options depending on availability of the best deals and your requirements.

Don’t ignore additional features:

Currently, microwave ovens offer ample features to add convenience to cooking and to simplify lengthy recipes. So, before buying a new microwave oven, consider the features as well. These may include preheating, automatic defrost, and pre-programmed functions as well. People who are amateur cooks will greatly benefit from additional features like auto cook wherein you just have to select a dish from the auto cook menu and press start. It doesn’t require setting the time or power configuration. Additional features also include a child lock which is essential for a house with curious kids wanting to know what’s cooking inside the microwave oven!

Type of microwave oven:

This is something you must keep in mind and pre-decide before hunting for a microwave oven. There are three types of microwave ovens; grill, solo, and convection. If you want to use the microwave oven only for reheating food and cooking pre-packaged meals, go for the solo microwave oven. But if you require something more robust, go for the convection microwave oven. Once you know what functions you want the microwave oven to assist you with, you’ll be able to make a better decision.

Be mindful of your pocket:

Kitchen appliance shopping is bound to make a person go borderline crazy, enough to spend a fortune on things they don’t even know are investment worthy. Keep your budget at the back of your mind when choosing and selecting a microwave oven. Apart from ticking all the convenience and function boxes, it is important that the microwave oven fits your budget too.

Rounding up;

Microwave ovens have undergone an evolution. The microwave ovens available today are more convenient, more powerful, and a tad bit expensive as well. And if you are someone who comes home late from work which means late to dinner or crave for pre-packaged food snacks at night, using the microwave oven and its amazing functions will reheat food efficiently. All in all, invest some time in reading this blog and the others that we’ve written. You’ll get a brief idea about the types of microwave ovens and which one we think are the most appropriate.

Choosing the right microwave oven by keeping in mind the parameters mentioned above can help you save money, resources, and the effort of investing in the wrong appliance.

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