Cost and Energy Efficiency of a Solar Water Heater

In the current society, the use of environmentally friendly ways for various household activities is encouraged. Therefore, eco-friendly sources of energy are extremely useful. Among the eco-friendly sources of energy, solar energy is one of if not the most used. Therefore, the use of solar-powered household tools is becoming more and more popular. Among them, the solar water heater deserves special mention due to its cost-efficient service.


The use of solar water heaters is currently a complete elimination of the non-renewable energy cost for the purpose. As a result, the overall cost of the water heating process becomes much lesser. This is the most important aspect for any user since it not only encourages an eco-friendly approach but also ensures better cost efficiency.

Other than being cost-efficient the solar water heater is also known to be highly energy efficient. This is of course not a point of surprise, considering its reliance on solar energy only. However, this energy-efficient approach is not only a benefit for the user but also greatly adds to the eco-friendly approach.

It is also observed that the use of solar water heaters is extremely practical. It does not require a constant supply of sunlight. As such, the overall usage rate of solar water heaters is increasing with time and now has become quite a common addition to most households. This indicates the energy-efficient service provided by the solar water heaters is greatly favored by the customers.

Apart from all the energy and cost-efficient benefits, other aspects can add to the usability of the solar water heater. These factors can be categorized as the advantages of the solar water heater. Understanding these advantages is necessary before installing one of the units in a household.

Some of these advantages are:

Zero Cost:

As mentioned previously, upon the installation of a solar water heater unit the user does not need to pay even a single penny for the use of the water heating services. This is because it only uses solar energy to power its heating process and to provide it even without any electrical connection. This cuts the electricity bill for the water heating processes, which is mostly a lot. This is one of the staple advantages of using a solar water heater.


The energy use efficiency of the solar water heater far outweighs any other contemporary form of water heating. Among such factors, electricity is of course apart. This is because about 80% of the solar radiation absorbed by the solar panels is largely converted directly into the heat energy used for heating the water. This, of course, is a huge number considering that there is no involvement of any external fuel.

Cheap Installation:

It is a very common misconception among customers that the installation cost of a solar heating unit is absurdly high. This is however not true considering how mostly the unused energy is directly transferred to the electricity unit of the household. This makes the installation of the solar heating unit largely a one-time investment as well. This is of course why many customers have opted to install multiple units for higher electrical efficiency in their household.

Low Maintenance:

Another very common misconception among common buyers is that the solar unit requires extensive maintenance. However, this is not true in the slightest as well. An overall understanding of the maintenance of solar panels is necessary before installation. This is also needed to be made clear that the overall maintenance needed for the solar panels is extremely low when compared to the contemporary electric water heaters, while also having a far longer life span of 15-20 years.

While of course there are various elements of advantages when it comes to the installation of the solar unit, there are several disadvantages too. These factors may vary from user to user depending on their preference, however. Still, considering these factors before the installation is necessary for any user to prevent any undesirable situations. Also, proper knowledge of both the advantages and the disadvantageous elements of the solar unit can help in facilitating a better decision for the customers eventually.

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Some of these disadvantages are :


As it is observed, the solar panels used for the installation of solar water heaters are often large. As such, they take in quite a lot of space and will require the customer to have a proper terrace space to set up the unit ideally. However, numerous units of different sizes vary in energy consumption and power. Still, the major point stays that the solar water heater unit takes up a lot of terrace space for the most part.

Heating Time:

The heating time using a solar water heater unit is typically much more compared to the electrical water heaters. However, this is also somewhat contradictory if the constant heating of the solar water heater is considered. This means that with the installation of a solar water heater the household will have a constant supply of heated water all the while not relying on electricity at all. But the overall time taken for the solar water heater to heat the water up is considerably more than the electrical water heaters.

These are mostly the common disadvantages of solar water heaters. However, as evident, the energy efficiency and the cost efficiency of the solar water heater far outweigh that of the electrical water heater. The understanding of these advantages and disadvantages will make it easier for the customer to make a rational decision based on their needs. Lastly, the overall discussion made can testify how the solar water heater stays as the most energy and cost-efficient eco-friendly option for heating operations. It is quite a valuable asset.

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