9 Best Solar Water Heater in India 2023 (For home use)


Having a water heater in a house isn’t a luxury anymore. In fact, hot water has become a necessary item all around the country.

In order to get warm water during the winter season and to drink clean, hygienic water, we use electric water heaters in our households every day. But sometimes, the over usage of it can pinch your pocket in the form of an electricity bill.

That’s where the solar water heaters come to your rescue. In this post, we are gonna have a closer look at the top 9 best solar water heaters in India.

best solar water heater reviews in India

Let’s begin!

Top 9 Best solar water heaters in India

Best budget-friendly solar water heater

Suntek 100 liters solar water heater

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We’ll start our list with the Suntek 100-liter solar water heater.

One of the important reasons we’ve considered this solar water heater is its budget-friendly price tag. Although its capacity is just 100 liters, it has so many valuable features to look for.

First of all, it’s perfect for small families and bachelors. In our opinion, a 100-liter capacity is more than enough. Secondly, if you take a look at the inner tank, it’s constructed in stainless steel.

Why it’s good is that it won’t transfer the heat outside of the tank and it’ll keep the warmth for a considerable amount of time. It heats the water in equal measure throughout the tank and it’ll keep the salt and hard water remnants away from the inner area.

The outer part of the tank is made of rustproof material. What it means is that it has the capacity to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. You don’t have to clean and maintain the tank on a daily basis.

The Suntek solar water heater can be easily installed and since most of the parts are made of stainless steel, it’ll stay with you for quite a long time without getting any rust at all.


  • Easy to install.
  • Made of durable material.
  • Comes with a sturdy stand.
  • The inner area of the tank is made of stainless steel.


  • Only suitable for small families and bachelors.

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Best high-efficient solar water heater

V-Guard Win Hot Series solar water heater

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Next on our list is the V-Guard Win Hot series solar water heater. The thing that attracts its customers is its fabulous design.

It comes with all the necessary features you expect in a branded solar water heater. It is built with durable material and looks super compact.

The evacuated glass pipes observe heat efficiently to make heating the water a lot faster. The entire tank area is made of high-grade stainless steel, making it rustproof and this allows it to withstand against harsh weather conditions.

In our tests, we’ve found that there is proper PUF insulation present in the tank of the water heater. It is ISI certified, making it quality, trustworthy, and the best brand to use.

With this V-Guard solar water heater, we recommend you purchase the ISI-certified electric backup water heater so that you can use it with the solar water heater during cold and cloudy days.

Apart from these great features, it is an ideal solar water heater for Indian households. Why? Because it is compact, durable, and doesn’t require you to maintain it heavily.

Its total tank capacity is 200 liters, making it an ideal product for small to medium-sized families. With the stainless steel inner area, you get the aluminium and black powder coating for added protection against rust in the outer part of the heater.

Overall, a powerful solar water heater lives up to the brand reputation for sure!


  • Has adequate PUF insulation to maintain the warmth of the water.
  • The observing glass tubes perform really well in heating the water.
  • Made of durable material.
  • The entire tank is manufactured in stainless steel and coated with an aluminium sheet for added protection.


  • No proper warranty information was provided by the manufacturer.

Best instant solar water heater

Crompton Solarium DLX 3 Litre Instant solar water heater/Geyser

crompton solar water heater review

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When you look at the Crompton solarium instant water heater for the first time, you’ll be amazed at how stylish it looks and how compact it’s designed. Apart from its stylish looks and compact design, it comes with many cool features.

The first impressive feature of it is that you can use it either as a solar-powered or an electric-powered heater. Fantastic. Right?

The first impressive feature of this solar water heater is that you can either use it as a solar or an electric-powered water heater. Fantastic. Right?

The total tank capacity of this instant solar water heater is 3 liters, making it a perfect product for small families. Like all the best solar water heaters on this list, it is equipped with an extra aluminium sheet and black powder coating on top of the entire area of the heater for added protection. Unlike the other solar water heaters, the Crompton solarium instant water heater comes with a multi-functional safety valve which is unique to the brand.

The outer area of the heater is made of high-quality plastic, and the entire tank is made of stainless steel material. The outer body and the tank look sturdy and durable.

The rustproof nature increases the lifespan of the heater significantly. It is equipped with a highly efficient copper heating element which allows it to retain the warmth of the water for a considerable amount of time.

You’ll be able to easily identify the temperature of the water inside with the help of the temperature indicator.

So, if you are looking for a quality instant solar water heater suitable to a small family, your search ends here.


  • As the product name suggests, it is an excellent choice for instant heating of water.
  • The entire tank is made of stainless steel material.
  • Quiet operation.
  • The multi-functional safety valve provides added safety.


  • Only suitable for small families.

Best value for money solar water heater

Racold Alpha 500 LPD domestic solar water heater

racold solar water heater

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If you are looking for a powerful and high-pressure resistant solar water heater, then the Racold solar water heater would be a perfect option for you.

The first thing that captures the attention of a buyer is its durable construction. The total time it takes to heat water with solar energy is simply unbelievable.

The fast heating technology makes sure that the water is heated pretty quickly and you don’t have to wait forever to have hot water. It is manufactured with powerful PFU insulation that allows it to retain the warmth of the water inside for a long time.

The best Anti-Syphon System prevents it from dry-heating. Also, it auto-controls the temperature inside the water making it a safe heater to use. It is equipped with the power saving feature even while heating water in full throttle.

All in all, you’ll definitely get the highest value for your money if you decide to purchase this solar water heater.


  • Comes equipped with powerful PFU insulation which helps to retain the heat in the water.
  • The fast heating technology heats water within minutes.
  • Built with sturdy material.
  • The tank of the water heater is made of stainless steel.


  • Price is on the higher end of the spectrum.

Best quality solar water heater

Solarize Spring PR Solar Water Heater

pr solar water heater

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This is one of the most in-demand solar water heaters in the Indian market. It is popular all around the country due to its unique design and high-quality features.

The manufacturers of this product offer solar water heaters in 4 different types all varying in their dimensions and processing capacity. And also, the price varies according to the tank capacity and dimensions.

Having said that, the Solarize spring PR solar water heater comes equipped with a 200-liter tank capacity. It is designed with powerful PUF insulation that helps the water inside to stay warm for a long time.

The inner area of the tank is made of stainless steel. And the entire water heater is designed with sturdy material. The outer area of the water heater is protected with a double layered coating which makes it rustproof and withstands any harsh weather conditions.

If you are looking for a high-quality water heater and price isn’t a factor for you, then you can go for this.


  • Built with sturdy material.
  • 200 liter total tank capacity.
  • Unique design.
  • Comes with 4 different variants based on the dimensions.


  • Price is on the higher end of the spectrum.

Best stainless steel solar water heater

Raija Solar – Solar Water Heater System

raija solar water heater

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If you are looking for a solar water heater that performs efficiently during both sunny and non-sunny days, then we are confident to say that this is the best one that is available in the market.

The important thing you need to note with this solar water heater is its supreme performing capabilities even in not-so-favorable conditions. Our testing team has tested this solar water heater to find out the truth.

At the end of it, we were actually pretty impressed to find out that this is indeed a valid claim by the company. This solar water heater is able to hold the warmth of the water for a considerable amount of time, even on non-sunny days thanks to the automated PUF insulation.

It is completely maintenance free and if you are a busy person, then you’ll appreciate this more than anything. It is easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel construction.

The Solarize Spring PR solar water heater is easy to install. It looks compact in every way and it’s designed brilliantly.

The warranty of 7 years and the performance guarantee of 10 years comfortably beat its competitors who couldn’t go passed the 3 and 5 years mark respectively. The total tank capacity of 300 liters is ideal for medium-sized families.

A highly valuable solar water heater to have in your home!


  • Easy to install.
  • Maintenance-free solar water heater.
  • The total tank capacity is 300 liters.
  • Powerful PUF insulation to keep the water warm for a long time


  • The price is on the higher end of the spectrum, but it is 100 percent worth it.

Best energy-efficient solar water heater

Fluidtec Flat Plate 300 LPD solar water heater

plate solar heater

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If you want a solar water heater that doesn’t pinch your pocket and gives you high performance while performing the task of water heating, then you can purchase this Fluidtec Flat Plate 300 LPD solar water heater.

It is energy efficient and priced affordably. The stainless steel construction of the tank makes it easy to clean and maintain.

It has a longer lifespan thanks to the double-coating mechanism throughout the heater. Apart from the features, the critical thing to note with this solar water heater is that it won’t clog/choke due to the pressure from the sunlight.

This is a high-efficient solar water heater that you can confidently purchase without having to worry about the price. You’ll definitely get value for your investment!


  • 300 liters of total tank capacity.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The tank is constructed of stainless steel material.
  • Withstands harsh weather conditions thanks to the double coating mechanism.


  • Nothing negative about this product.

Best solar water heater in 200-liter capacity

Global Solar Energy Domestic solar water heater

global solar water heater

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The Global Solar Energy domestic solar water heater is the best water heater you can find with a 200-liter capacity. It contains the SS electrical filament which helps it to save energy directly from the sunlight and use it during non-sunny days.

It is also equipped with the Cu-Ni-Al selective coating that aids this water heater to absorb sunlight efficiently. This quick absorption helps it to heat water much faster than its competitors in the 200-liter range.

The coating also protects the heater from unwanted dust particles getting into the heating system. It is equipped with a non-contact copper coating present in the vacuum. The vacuum actually provides a clog-free performance even when heating heavy cold water.

The Ultra Modern Azuretech support structure helps you to easily install this on any rooftop. Both the inner and outer area of the tank is constructed of stainless steel material.

The added protection of aluminium sheets and the black powder coating protects the outer area of the heater from corrosion. Therefore, it has the capability to withstand all weather conditions.

So, if you are looking for a solar water heater that is maintenance-free and has a longer lifespan, then this is your best friend.


  • Easy to install.
  • Has a longer lifespan.
  • Equipped with high PUF insulation for longer heat retention.
  • Eco-friendly product.


  • Lesser warranty period than other brands.

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Best solar water heater in 100 liter

A+ 100lpd Solar Water Heater:

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The final product that we are going to talk about in this list is the a+ 100 LPD solar water heater. The fantastic thing that we all love in this heater is its ability to heat water at a quicker pace than its competitors in the 100-liter range.

This solar water heater comes equipped with multi-crystalline solar cells that trap as much solar energy as possible from the sunlight to heat a certain quantity of water. Therefore, you’ll be able to receive hot water throughout the entire day, even during the winter season.

It’s made of highly durable material and the design is attractive as well. With double-layered protection, it can withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

The lifespan of this water heater is pretty impressive and it is easy to install. As it uses sturdy glasses in the pipes, hence the heat absorption will be perfect for efficient heat spread throughout the water.

One thing you should do to keep this solar water heater going for a long time is to take good care of it. Apart from the maintenance, it is a supreme quality solar water heater to have in your home!


  • Comes equipped with multi-crystalline solar cells.
  • The overall functionality of this solar water heater is super quick.
  • The glass pipes are made of sturdy glass.
  • The outer area is scratch-resistant thanks to the double-coating mechanism.


  • Not available in all parts of the country.

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Buyer’s Guide

In this buyer’s guide, we are going to look at some key aspects you need to know before purchasing a solar water heater. After you complete reading this section, you’ll be able to take an informed decision on which product is suitable to your needs.

Let’s begin.

How to select the right solar water heater for your home?

There are a number of reasons why the usage of solar water heaters is increasing in India. One, it’s safe and ideal for your home.

Two, uses solar energy rather than electricity, three, doesn’t pinch your pocket with running costs, and finally, it is safe for the environment.

Many of the solar water heaters in this list come equipped with functional storage capacity. What it means is that you can use it either for domestic or commercial purposes.

With endless options, it’s quite challenging to pick the best one for your home. So in order to help you, we’ll list out the types of solar water heaters that are currently available in the market and what are the things you need to look for when you select a solar water heater for your home.

Types of solar water heaters

Generally, solar water heaters are categorized into two types based on their installation methods. They are active systems and passive systems.

  • An active system circulates water within the tank with the help of pumps. Whereas, a passive system uses the seesaw technology meaning the warm water rises and the cool water sinks to the bottom to circulate hot water throughout the tank.
  • Active system solar water heaters are good in withstanding the pressure of overheating, as they have to overheat protection. On the other hand, passive solar water heaters are affordably priced but they don’t have overheating protection.

What to look for when purchasing a solar water heater for your home?

As you all know, a solar water heater is used to heat up the water by utilizing solar energy directly into its panels. They reduce electricity consumption and they are environment friendly as well.

In order to buy the best one, you need to know what to look for in a solar water heater before taking your wallet out.

Here’s a list of 7 items you need to consider before going for the purchase.

  • You need to determine whether you are going to use a solar water heater for either domestic or commercial purposes.
  • Generally, most solar water heaters function to their fullest potential when there is optimum sunlight. So if you want to enjoy hot water at all times, purchase a duel-power solar water heater.
  • Look at the solar absorption system. Usually, there are two different solar collection systems available namely, flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors. Do your due diligence before buying either of these.
  • Consider the location. If you are living on flat land, consider buying a passive heating system that will work really well for you. And if you are living in a hilly area, then an active heating system will be the best for your situation.
  • Consider your family size and tank capacity. This is obvious. If you have a large family, then go for more than a 200-liter tank capacity. And if you have a small family, then a 100-liter or a 200-liter tank will be the right one for you.
  • Type of tank. Always go for the tank that is built with stainless steel material and powerful PUF insulation. This will allow it to retain the warmth of the water inside the tank for a long time.
  • Your budget. This is the key aspect. Domestic solar water heaters are more affordable than commercial ones. But before purchasing any of these two types, you should keep the needs of your home in mind.


We hope that we’ve provided you with a clear overview of the top best 9 solar water heaters in India.

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