Philips Viva Collection Hd4938/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop Review

Introducing the Philips Viva Glass Induction cooktop with sensor touch and Cutting edge technology combined with efficiency to revolutionize the way you cook. Induction cooking has quickly become the culinary industry standard, and this modern thing provides cutting-edge features to enable faster, safer, and more accurate food preparation than ever before.

Increasing demand for Induction Cooking

Induction cooking has recently gained much acclaim due to its many benefits. One reason it has become popular in modern kitchen design is that cooktops equipped with induction heating quickly and uniformly distribute heat, decreasing both cooking time and energy costs.

Here are some reasons why its demand is increasing

  1. Safe: Cooking without open flames and on more excellent cooktop surfaces offers increased safety when catching for families with young children.
  2. Environmental effect: Due to its energy efficiency and reduced heat effect, induction cooking produces fewer carbon emissions than traditional cooking methods.
  3. Precision cooking: this precise temperature control enables precise cooking methods that require precise temperature adjustment.
  4. Morden aesthetics: Induction cooktops often features sleek and minimal design that matches well with contemporary kitchen aesthetics.

Understanding the Senson Touch Technology in Induction Cooktop

Sensor touch technology is excellent when used in induction cooktops; it is an interface for control that reacts to the hand movement of users. Instead of physical buttons or knows and switched that sense touch input, sensor touch controls rely on capacitive sensors which detect when somebody touches them- giving a slim and minimalist appearance while being user-friendly and easy to operate. It has become popular due to its user-friendliness and easy control.

What sensor touch control does?

Sensor touch control is based on capacitance –  which has the ability to store electrical charges so when you interact with surfaces equipped with sensor-touch controls, the capacitance changes in their electrical circuit, which is then detected and converted into commands by circuitry controlling devices.

Philips Viva Collection review

Enhancing the cooking experience

Sensor touch is integral to improving the induction cooking experience, helping users get maximum enjoyment out of cooking with induction cookers.

Quick adjustment: With just a tap or swipe, you can make quick and precise changes to temperature, power levels, and cooking duration for delicious results in your kitchen.

Intelligent surface: sensor touch controls mimic the intuitive nature of phone interactions, making them user-friendly for people of all ages and decreasing time spent acquiring new devices.

Programs and presets: Induction with cooktops with sensor controls offers pre-programmed recipes for specific foods or techniques, so a user has to select their program of choice, and it will determine temperatures and timing automatically.

Security features: Sensor touch control offers additional safeguards to protect children, such as child lock features that will prevent any accidental changes or activations by young ones.

Cleaning: Because there are no knobs, keeping a nonstick cooktop clean is effortless; spills and stains can quickly be cleaned away from its surface.

Morden touch sensors add an elegant and minimal design element to any kitchen and complement today’s latest trends in design.

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Critical features of Philips Viva Glass Induction cooktop With sensor touch

The Philips Viva Induction cooktop offers various innovative features that make cooking more efficient, versatile, and enjoyable. Here are some key features that set it apart.

  1. Time 0-3 Hours setting; 10 preset menus designed to cover different Indian cuisine.
  2. The timer features to delay cooking 24 hours; a high-quality full glass panel with premium finishes and easy cooking; touch sensors for convenient access; an auto-off program that cooks food safely and securely.
  3. Cook food safely without flame, thanks to a cool-to-touch surface that cook food efficiently; comes with a 1-year warranty; total power output is 2100 watts.
  4. Size name: size-free options.

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You can experience the latest technology of the Philips Viva Glass Induction cooktop, which has fantastic benefits from easy touch, temperature maintainability, and ease to use. The article explains why you can choose the Philips Viva Glass Induction cooktop above.


How much weight can the induction cooktop hold in kg?

Cooktops Inductions measure 281 Millimeters wide and come in black. Cookware weight placed upon it must be at most 8kg due to being constructed of glass; additionally, these surfaces protect nutrients within food items and help to prevent vitamin loss.

Which watt is better for an induction cooktop?

When purchasing an induction cooktop for your kitchen, 2000 W should be the ideal wattage. Also, consider other aspects, such as pan-detection features, auto-shutoff capabilities, and child safety, when making your choice.

Does induction consume more electricity?

Induction cooktops are extremely energy efficient compared to other kitchen appliances, consuming almost 90% of power to generate enough heat for cooking and leaving no waste behind. When at low temperatures, Induction cooking remains highly energy efficient.

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