Difference Between UPS & Inverter

Are you facing confusion between the UPS and inverter? Don’t worry much. You have landed on the correct article. Here side you will get the difference between the UPS and the inverter.

Do you know the major difference between the both of them? It comes in the battery switching with the main circuit. In UPS main supply to the battery from the circuit gets immediate. Meanwhile, the inverter takes time to get switching to the battery from mains.

UPS recognizes as an Uninterrupted Power Supply. It gets applied to power with the help of power outages. This device furnishes the power for a shorter time. Meanwhile, the system will store the data before it gets full power off.

The inverter has the main function of inverting the direct current into AC. The device takes supply from AC and gets down to charge the battery. Suppose, it is a power cut condition. In this case, the inverter will take the supply from the battery and run the electrical equipment. Let’s have an overview of the difference between the UPS and inverter. 

Comparison between the UPS and inverter

  • Definition
UPS                              Inverter
An uninterrupted power supply acts as an automated power backup when mains power fails or power shortage. It can convert the unidirectional current into a bidirectional current. In short, it converts DC to AC lines.
  • Function
UPS Inverter
It works as per the flywheel storage system It mainly works to convert the DC into AC power.
  • Switch over
UPS Inverter
The UPS is very quick to get switched over to the main circuit. The inverter takes some time to get switch over to the main circuit.
  • Backup
UPS Inverter
It delivers electricity when power cut-offs. it delivers the electronic power which got stored earlier.
  • Types
UPS Inverter
It has various types of UPS servers as follows: 1. Offline 2. Online 3. Interruptive or standby UPS Here are a few types of inverters available in the market as follows: 1. Stand Alone 2. Grid-tie inverter
  • Cost
UPS Inverter
UPS is more expensive as compared to the inverter. Inverter gets lesser expensive as compared to UPS.
  • Circuit
UPS Inverter
It works on a circuit based on inverter and controller type. Its works only with a battery.
  • Supplying power
UPS Inverter
It supplies the power for a shorter duration. It delivers the power for a longer duration.
  • Voltage fluctuation
UPS Inverter
UPS doesn’t contain any voltage fluctuation. The inverter has voltage fluctuation. Due to this, it can convert DC to AC.
  • Use
UPS Inverter
It could have better use in industries and domestic areas also. The inverter can only prove effective in domestic areas.

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Detailed explanation for the UPS and inverter  

What is UPS?

The UPS comes in the scenario to save the data whenever the power gets cut off. Also, it functions to protect the system from sudden high voltage. Are you still confused about it’s working?

UPS comes with a battery that has direct contact with appliances. It happens when it feels the power loss from the main circuit. The main circuit has a battery, inverter, and controller.

How does the UPS work? Firstly it converts the AC to DC power using the rectifier. Again the power gets converted from DC to AC using the inverter.

Mainly there are three types of UPS available in the market. You might have noted it down from the earlier part.

What is an inverter?

Inverter recognizes as an electrical device that modifies the DC to AC circuit. Inverter can’t generate electrical power. It delivers the power supply with the help of a battery.

The input of power in the inverter always gets with the DC. After this, output power might get transfused in a square, sine pulse, etc. It depends upon the design of the inverter.

The frequency of the output power in the inverter always remains the same and normal. It means it gets ranged from 50 to 60 Hz.

The runtime of the inverter gets a longer duration. But then too, it depends upon the appliances connected. If there’s a connection with more appliances, the run time might get decreased. To overcome this scenario, people connected the inverter with more DC power.

The inverter works to supply the AC to the connected equipment when faces a power cutoff. The inverter can prove effective in controlling the speed of the motor.

The key difference between the UPS and inverter

  • The UPS is an electrical device that has a rectifier. It helps the system to get backup power. However, the inverter only converts DC into AC.
  • UPS can store the electric power for future use. But the inverter converts DC to AC power.
  • During the power cut-off, UPS immediately reacts to it and gives the power supply. In the case of the inverter, it will take some time to bring the power supply.
  • UPS proves effective in every area like industries, offices, homes, etc. But inverters can only prove useful in offices and homes.

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  1. Which type of current can the inverter convert? 

Ans. The inverter can convert the DC into AC only. After this, it takes power from the battery and gives it appliances.

  1. Which is costlier among the UPS and inverter? 

Ans. UPS gets costlier as compared to the inverter. It’s because UPS can store the electric current and gives an immediate reaction. Hence, in any condition, people having UPS will not face electricity problems.

  1. Is there any drawback of the UPS as compared to an inverter? 

Ans. Yes, there is a drawback for UPS. It delivers the power for only a short duration of time. But an inverter can give you supply for a longer period.


Guys hope you have understood the difference between the UPS and inverter. Both of these work well. But depending upon your situation and essentials, you can choose one among them. Which will you choose, UPS or inverter? Please comment and share your review.

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