How to Choose AC in India for a Room? (Buying Guide)

Summer is getting out of hand, and it is really becoming an unbearable part of our life. In such a time, AC is one of the few things that can give us some respite from this phenomenon.

It is the only product that can help us go through our daily schedule without being exhausted and completely drained to our bones. Even then, it is not the only thing an AC is good for; it also purifies the room, controls humidity and provides heating during winter.

Other than that, an AC is great for health as well, as it reduces the chances of getting asthma, heatstroke, and dehydration. We also see it keeping insects away and preventing other devices from overheating.

But AC still can be a bit pricey, which is why many might feel intimidated while getting one. Thankfully, there are multiple options nowadays, so even if you have a tight budget, chances are you can get an air conditioner for yourself.

But many might ask how to choose AC in India for a room if they are a first-time buyer. Well, worry not, as we are here to help you out. By reading this guide you will understand all about AC buying knowledge.

How to choose AC for a room?

Based on the AC type

Now there are many ways you can choose to decide on what AC you will have, but the first thing you must settle on is the type of your product. AC generally comes in two kinds the window AC and the split AC.

  • Window AC

A window AC looks like a rectangular window usually attached to a wall. It is very easy to maintain and is a hassle-free machine.

This is because all the parts inside this AC are in a single chassis making it less prone to damage caused by external factors. It is also cheaper than the split AC, so if your budget is not that high, you can opt for this option.

But, keep in mind, these ACs are known for making noises, and they can also affect your decor as it takes up a considerable part of the wall. Again, if you have a huge space that needs cooling, this AC might not be the best option because its capacity is not up to the mark.

  • Split ACs

Now as the name suggests, split ACs are one AC that is split into two parts. The internal unit stays in your room while you install the external unit outside.

This is more expensive as it does not make as much noise as window ACs and performs better. But at the same time, its maintenance and installation costs can be pretty high, mainly because it has separate bodies.

The capacity of the AC

When you go to buy an AC, one of the first things that the shoppers will ask you is what tonne are you looking for. Tonne in terms of AC means the amount of energy your air conditioner requires to melt one tonne of ice.

This factor depends mostly on the size of your room and the temperature. If you need your AC for a smaller room, then 1 tonne should be fine, but if it is for a large space, like a living room or office, then 1.5 tonne is best.

Energy efficiency

If you are planning to buy an AC, you must also learn about the high electricity bills that will come with it. This is also one of the reasons why even after buying an AC, many might use it only when it is extremely necessary.

To escape from such a fate, analyse the star ratings, also called EER, that come with every air conditioner. The more stars, the lesser electricity the AC consumes.

The rating will also have a significant and positive effect on your electricity bill.

Inverter ACs

The difference between an inverter AC and a non-inverter AC relies on the treatment of the compressor’s motor. An inverter AC lowers the speed of the compressor’s motor when it achieves the desired temperature to save energy.

A non-inverter AC completely shuts off its motors when the room cools and restarts it when the temperature rises. This continuous on-and-off nature consumes more energy, making it a not very desirable option.

Price of the product

When choosing what air conditioner you will get, the most essential thing you will have to determine is your budget. The prices depend on whether the AC is split or window, how many stars it has, its tonne, etc.

This is why calculate your funding and then accordingly buy a product.

Good Filter

Now if your air quality is very bad, you need to get an AC with a good filter. It will give you cool air as well as, provide protection to the evaporator coil, which otherwise can get damaged by dust.


Maintenance is a big factor as an AC needs frequent services to run properly. So once the installation is over, make sure an expert performs regular maintenance for your appliance’s optimal performance.

Other services

After buying your AC, you must also ensure you get proper after-sales services. These include getting add-on features like a warranty which is an extra plus. So even when a mishap happens, you will not have to deal with the burden of it.

Also, try to buy from a reputable brand as their warranty and maintenance services will be better than other companies.

Wrapping it up

On that note, we wrap up our article on how to choose AC for a room. We know the decision is not easy to make as there are so many products that can be a great fit for you. But at the end of the day, you can only get an air conditioner that is most suitable for your lifestyle.

So keep in mind all the points we have mentioned and get the best fit for your home right away.

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